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Sunflower Girls USA

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Sunflower Girl Peter Brady

Sunflower Girl Blossom of the Year (1971) : Peter Brady

I am a little sunflower.
Sunny, brave and true.
From tiny bud to blossom,
I do good deeds for you.

Peter Brady sometime find Marcia excessive effeminacy irritating. Although Peter love his sister Marcia as much as his other two sisters, Peter Brady had a very strong need to get Marcia goat with many pranks and pranks jokes using bugs, fish guts and other slimy thing to make her squeal and to show how pathetically a sissy she was.

Peter and Cindy have a common interest in collecting lizards. Although Jan have not interest in collecting lizards, she unlike Marcia don't find them repulsive. Peter and Jan sometime help Cindy feed her lizards by catching insects with Cindy for her insect eating lizards.

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