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Peter Brady's Scottish Fling

(Scottish Folkdance Animation GIF "(C) MARUCHO")

Marcia Brady decided to spend more time with brother Peter. They will both take Scottish dancing lesson together. Their time together in the Sunflower Girls troop will be over in less than a year when she become too old. She plans to stay in the Frontier Scouts and hvve Peter to keep his promise to be a Sunflower Girl as long as she is a Frontier Scout. Her brother Greg had greatly reduced frequently of calling her stupid or dumb after becoming a Frontier Scout. Her brothers and father showed her greater respect.

Marcia told Peter," The Highland Fling according to tradition was originally performed by the Highland warrier on his targe after battle and is danced in one spot without travelling steps. The steps are simple but must be executed precisely with positions being strongly held. This dance is often considered to be the greatest test for the Highland Dance." Peter asked, "What is a targe"? Marcia replied,"A light shield or buckler. A buckler is a small round shield which either carried or worn on the arm. You promised to wear the way youth group outfit on your school youth day that I be wearing on mine school youth day. You probably refers to wear a kilt to school than wearing a Sunflower Girls uniform to school and calling yourself a Sunflower Girl at school". Peter decided that he can endures wearing a kilt to Clinton Elementary since all of the students had seen boys and men wearing kilts. A kilt is man skirt but the Sunflower Girls uniform skirt like almost all skirts is a girl skirt. The teasing from wearing the Sunflower Girls' skirt to school may become extremely unbearable. Peter said,"Okay, I will takes Scottish dancing lesson with you and wears a kilt."

Peter is dancing the Highland Fling. He enjoys taking Scottish dance lesson more than going to Sunflower Girls meetings. The Highland Fling is a Scottish version of a hornpipe dance. His brother Bobby is learning hornpipe dances as both as a boy and as a girl student at Irish dance school. Peter is glad that he is not taking dance lessons as a girl student like his brother Bobby.

Highland Fling step: First Shedding
Highland Fling step: Front High Cut
Highland Fling step: Toe & Heel
Highland Fling step: Crossover
Highland Fling step: Shake
Highland Fling step: Last Shedding

Marcia said, "Peter, the Peronella is an United States' longways dance of Scottish origins. a longways dances is country dance performed with couples in two long straight lines with the men and the women facing each other and little foot work but interest and challenging movement patterns. The Minuet is a longways dance originating in 17th-century France. You had seen the Minuet in some period movies." Marcia likes dancing with Peter since Peter is not clumsy dancer like their sister Jan. Marcia believed that Jan lacked the potential to ever become a classical ballerina since she will never be able to perform en pointe and she dance ballet very ungratefully. Jan may also never master during the the Highland Fling but she would likely to be better Scottish dancer than a ballet dancer.

Marcia said to Peter,"It's great having a brother who wear matching skirts with his big sister".

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