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Bobby Brady takes up Irish Dancing

Greg Brady wanted to join his sister Marcia Sunflower Girls troops as a protest to her joining his Frontier Scout troop. When Greg had told his brothers that he was too old to join the Sunflower Girls, Bobby said, "I'm willing to join." Greg replied, "You too young to join". Both Greg and Bobby look at Peter. Peter had said," No way! I wear a skirt!". Greg and Bobby begged Peter to join the Sunflower Girls for over a hour. Peter finally said," If I do join, I will not be the only Brady boy to wear a skirt in public. Bobby said, "I will join The Gallagher School of Irish Dance. The boys wear skirt during their dance lessons and dance competitions".

Bobby Brady had encourage to take Irish dance in both the boy's dancing kilt and the girl's dancing dress to get his brother Peter to wear a the skirt of the Sunflower Girl uniform. He though take he would be only wearing boy dancing kilts during his dance lessons and dance competitions. If he had to wear a skirt to get Peter to join the Sunflower Girls and wear a skirt as a required part of the Sunflower Girls uniform, Bobby though he would only be wearing a boy's Irish dancing Kilt which makes wearing a skirt in public easier since other boys would also wearing kilts at Irish dance lessons and Irish dance competitions.

Bobby was wearing a girl's yellow Irish dress dancing costume and poodle socks at his first Irish dance competitions, since his dance teacher Mrs. Gallagher knew the reason Bobby joined her dance school. Her daughter Bridget is member of Marcia's Sunflower Girls troop and she had seen KTTV-TV channel 11 Los Angeles reporter Ken Jones interviews Marcia about her views on Women's Lib. The adjudicators still thought that Bobby was boyish looking tomboy ever when he was not wearing his floppy beret.

Mrs. Gallagher remembered Marcia's pro women lib comments on TV news. News reporter Ken Jones asked Marcia, "Do you think girls are the equals of boys in every respect?" Marcia replied, "Well, if we're all supposed to be equal, I guess that means girls as well as boys." Jones replied, "I take it you're for the women's liberation." Marca said, "I guess I am." Jones asked Marcia, "Do have any brother?" Marcia replied, "Yes, three." Reporter asked, "Do you think you can do everything they can do?" Marcia answered, "Well I think I should have the chance to try." Jones asked, Do they put you down sometime because you're a girl?" Marcia angrily replied, "They sure do and it's not fair." Jones asked, "Do you think girls should do something about it?" Marcia replied loudly with passionate anger, "We certainly should." A girl friend of Marcia said, "Right on, Marcia."

Mrs Brady took Bobby to The Gallagher School of Irish Dance to sign him up as Irish dance student at her school, she asked him, "Are you taking Irish dance classes to protests your sister Marcia pro Women Lib comments on last week tv news." Bobby replied yes. Mrs O'Brien asked, "Why Irish dancing classes." Bobby said, "My brother Greg wanted to make my sister Marcia see how dumb it was for her to join his Frontier Scouts by joining her Sunflower Girls but he too old to join. I said I would join but I was too young. My brother Peter would not joined the Sunflower Girls unless one his brothers also wear a skirt as a member of an organization."

Mrs. Gallagher said, "Peter didn't wants to be the only Brady boy to wear skirt to protest Marcia joining Greg's Frontier Scouts troop. You not fully follwing the spirit Greg's protests by being a part of groups of boys wearing a boy's kilt. I will double the number of your dance classes at no additional cost if it's okay with your. Two days per week will have lessons as a boy student and two days per week you will have lessons like a girl student. You will compete in both boys and girls Irish Dance competitions." Bobby asked. "Why?" Mrs. Gallagher said, "The last time my daughter Bridget came to your home to work together on a Sunflower Girls knitting badge, you had said, "The 'S' and 'G' on the Sunflower Girls' uniform shoulder emblem should stand for Sissy Girls instead of Sunflower Girls since they a bunch of sissy when compared to Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls. Marcia, your Sunflower Girl troop never gone on a camping trip or hike because they are afraid of the wilderness". You were most likely criticizing Marcia's plans to join Greg's Fronter Scouts. Bridget was very upset that you called the girls in her troop sissies. You will have a complete girl outfit for half of your dance lesson. I think your brother Peter would be more satisfied if you were also be wearing a girl's dress than just a boy's skirt for your dancing lessons.".

Mrs. Gallagher handed Carol Brady a contract she had made especially for Bobby. Mrs. Gallagher said,"Mrs. Brady, do you agree with the addtional classes for Bobby at no addition cost for Bobby in this contact?". Carol said, "Yes, I gladly sign it. The boys been putting Marcia down after hearing her pro women rigths comments on the evening tv news." Mrs. Gallagher said, "I'm a member of Los Angeles branch of NOW. This is my way to support Women's Rights by showing Bobby that mastering either boys' or girls' of Irish dancing is not easy. It will takes alot of practice. He may end up having more respect of girls". Carol said, "Greg is the only Brady boy to not end up wearing a dress or skirt to protest Marcia joining his Frontier Scout troop although it was his original plan for him to joined Marcia's Sunflower Girls troop." Mrs. Gallagher said,"The Filmore Community Center is putting on a play about a teenage prince disguised as a gypsy girl to escape from uncle who had killed his father the king and who want to the prince so he can become the next king instead of the prince. So far, when any boy was casted for the role of the prince, they soon quited after learning that he be dressing up like a gypsy girl. Marcia had told Bridget that Greg is interested in dating Maureen Farraday. Maureen had the role of the CIA agent who disguised prince as a gypsy girl. I can call Maureen for you to asked Greg to try out for the role of the prince." Carol said,"Please do. Marcia will get a kick seeing Greg dress up like a gypsy girl."

Mrs. Gallagher said,"Bobby you will be learning solo dances like the slip jig, the single jig, the double jig, the heavy jig, the hornpipe, the reel, and the group dances. Since females are the only competitors in the solo slip jig dance competition since the 1950's, you will have slip jig lessons only on your day as a girl student. You will learn all others dance styles including other jigs as both male and female student. You will dance as a girl dancer for your first two years as student in group dance competitions and group dance exhibitions. Your name will spelled as 'B' 'o' 'b' 'b' 'i' 'e' on entry forms when competing as a girl dancer." Bobby said, "That the girl spelling of my name!" Mrs. Gallagher said,"Some boy named Bobby also spell their name ending with 'i' 'e' instead of 'y' though it's becoming primarily the girl's spelling of your name. You make find it easier during if the judges assume you are a girl by spelling your name as 'B' 'o' 'b' 'b' 'i' 'e' ".

Cindy over heard Carol tell Mike that Bobby had sign up for Irish dance lesson at The Gallagher School of Irish Dance and that Bobby will learn girl dances in a dress for half of his dance lesson. Cindy when into the boys' bedroom and put on Bobby's Little Owl indian costume. When Bobby saw Cindy in his costume, He told Cindy, "You better take before I count to three or I going to scalp you." Cindy said, "When you tried to scalped me the last time, I bopped you on your head."

Bobby saw a cowboy costume on a family room chair. Bobby took the costume to his room and put it on. He when down the stair and back to the family room. Bobby said to Cindy, "Now I going to scalp you." Cindy asked Bobby," Do you notices any thing different about the pants you are now wearing from any of your pants". Bobby's face turned red. Bobby yelled at Cindy, "I zipped the pants up on the side instead of the front! I'm wearing girl's pants!. Cindy replied, "The costume you are wearing is a Dale Evans' cowgirl outfit. You are the Queen of the West". Cindy pickup another Dale Evans costume with a skirt and dress from a chair. Cindy said,"Since you be wearing a kilt twice a week and dresses twice a week for your Irish dance lesson, You can put this Dale Evans cowgirl costume to help you get use to wearing a skirt for your dance classes or you can wear this dress to help you get use to wearing a dress for your dance classes". Bobby asked, "You Know that I taking Irish dance lessons to get Peter to join the Sunflower Girl?". Cindy said, "Yes, I heard Mom telling Dad about you talking Irish dance lessons. You may finds that wearing a dress is harder than wearing skirt since you be the only boy wear a dress but all the boys in your classes will be wearing kilts." Bobby said, "Ok Cindy, I will put the dress on." Cindy put the blue dress, a pair of knee socks, panties,and a pair of Mary Janes shoes into Bobby hands.

Bobby climbed up the stairs to his bedroom. After entering his bedroom, Bobby removed the Dale Evans costume with pants and got dressed in the panties, blue dress the when down to just above his knees, the knee socks, and the pair of black Mary Janes shoes. Bobby left his bedroom after finishing getting dressup and walked down the stairs to the family room. Cindy seeing Bobby in the dress, said let go to our club house. The walk though the kitchen where Alice was fixing dinner to go to the backyard. Alice said," Bobby, I see that you are practicing wearing a dress for your Irish dance classes". Bobby said,"This will help me get use to wearing dresses on the days I learn girl's dances." Alice gave both Bobby and Cindy some cookies and a cup of milk. They left kitchen for the backyard with their snack and enter the club house.

After they finish comsuming their snack in the club house, Bobby was stupefy. Cindy asked Bobby to take his shoes and socks off. When Bobby's feet were bare, Cindy put cotton balls between Bobby toes and painted his toe nails with red nail polish. Cindy took some pictures of a Bobby with her camera. When Bobby recovered from distress and disorientation for having red toe nail, Bobby yelled, "Ah! Why you painted my toes red with nail?" Cindy said,"Mom had given Marcia, Jan, and I premission to wear red nail polish before we are 16 years old when our closest age brother is wearing red nail polish. Your sisters can wear red polish on both our finger and toe nails if the closest age brother have red fingernails, but only on our toe nails if the the closest age brother only have red nail polish on his toes. I want to wear red nail polish before my sisters. This time I be first sister instead of the last sister to have a privilege." Bobby asked, "When did Mom made up that rule"? Cindy replied, "The day after Marcia tv interview about women lib." Bobby said, "Marcia was very upset when mom didn't allow her wear makeup when she was going steady with Harvey. She be furious that her youngest sister be allowed to paint her finger and toe nails red before her." Cindy said, "You will let me put red nail polish on finger nails too." Bobby said, "Yes, We enjoyed hearing Marcia complaining to mom other girls her age wear madeup when she was dating Harvey. She may end up being the last Brady girl to wear red polish even thou she is the oldest girl." Cindy said, "Or She may become even the very last Brady kid allowed to wear red nail polish if first Peter and then Greg wear red polish before she is 16 years old." Bobby said, "Marcia would be real furious that her two younger sister and two younger brother had a privilege she doesn't have if Jan convinces Peter to wear red nail polish before Marcia tries to trick Greg into wearing red polish."

Cindy said "Even when you not wearing a skirt or a dress and your toes are covered by socks and shoes, you are continually wearing sometime boy normal don't wear to help you get use to wearing girl's cloths. You can wear sandals without socks when you are home." Cindy put a pair of sandals on Bobby feet. Cindy put 3 coats of red polish on Bobby and her finger nails. Cindy put cotton balls between her toes and asked Bobby paint her toe nail red. He put 3 coat of red polish on her toes.

Cindy painted the next day a pictures of Bobby having his toe nails painted with red nail polish.

Since Bobby was taking twice as many dance classes each week , he became more proficient dancer than most student. Bobby won his first real trophies during his first dance competition wear a yellow dancing dress with a group of girls also wearing identical yellow dresses. They won first place for girls under 10 year old beginner groups dance and third place for girls under 10 old beginner slip jig.

Bobby learned to dance on toes in traditional soft Irish dancing pump similar to ballet slippers. Bobby would perfers to wear sport socks during his girl's dance lessons like the girl on the right end of the photo but Bobby's feet are second from the right wearing poodle socks. Mrs. Gallagher demanded that Bobby wear poodle socks since he would be wearing poodle socks during girls' dance competitions.

Marcia was watching Bobby's lesson on the day Carol shot the photo of Bobby's feet. She noticed that Bobby can easily do very high three quarter demi-pointe. Marcia yelled after seeing the balls of Bobby feet partly of the ground, "Mom! Bobby almost done a full pointe on his feet. I wouldn't be surprise if he could do a en pointe on both feet without pointe shoes. He must have very strong toes."

Marcia asked Bobby when his lesson ended,"Can you stand on both feet only on the tips of your toes." Bobby tried and was successful in during a full pointe. Marcia said, "Bobby! You are amazing. You never took ballet lessons and you are less than 10 years old but you can perform en pointe. Before a girl start learning to en pointe she is at least 10 years old and had been taking ballet lesson for at least a year. You are younger than the youngest age that a girl would start training to perform en pointe." Bobby face flushed a deep red. Marcia told Bobby, "You would make a much better Ballet dancer than Jan". Bobby said,"Marcia! I will not be taking taking ballet lessons". Marcia said,"I would like to trick Peter to become member of my ballet class. We have a shortage of boys for my school performances. It's very unlikely that Peter can stand on the tips of his toes like you. If Peter become a part my ballet class, I ask Cindy to cut down on the girly suff her do with like painting your toes nail with color nail polish." Bobby said,"Ok, Marcia". Marcia thought too bad that Greg is too smart to be tricked into ballet lesson on a bet since he considers ballet to girly a forfeit too risk losing on a sucker bet that she has no doubts of winning.

Bobby asked, "Do male ballet dancer dance on the tip their toes". Marcia said "Men as rule do not dance 'en pointe' except as a parody, although a very few men do practise in pointe shoes for the extra strength it develops". Bobby asked, "What's a parody"? Marcia replied, "A performance done for comic effect or ridicule. Ballet have a tradition of males in the role of the two stepsisters in Cinderella wearing the pointe shoes." Bobby asked are their any male roles where male dancers dance on their toes?" Marcia replied," Tne ballet titled 'The Dream' have men who dance on their toes in point shoes in the roles of Oberon who is the king of the fairy world, Puck and the human Nick Bottom after Oberon magically transform head and feet to a donkey head and donkey hooves. Bobby asked, "Is Puck the same fairy that Mickey Rooney played in the movie "A Midsummer Nights Dream" that Greg watched on tv last last week for homework." Marcia answered,"Yes."

Bobby Brady at his second Irish Dance competition in his traditional boy's dancing kilts. He prefers hard Irish dancinig shoes that looks similar to everyday oxford when dancing as a boy. The front part of the shoes' sole are very thick with a round toe and the heels are wide for easier clicking. Bobby likes very loud sound clicking sound his hard shoes can make when during a heavy jig. He won second place as a solo level A beginner for boys under 11 years.

Bobby a his fifth Irish Dance competition. He won third place for under 11 years solo boy beginner level B.

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