Make your own free website on Brady Bunch Store "The Brady Bunch" is a classic situation comedy that has become a cornerstone of popular culture. Mike Brady, a widowed architect with three boys (ranging in age from 7 to 13) marries Carol Martin, a single young mother with three young girls (ages 6 through 12); the reason for her being single was never explained. The couple and their formerly-separate families become one close-knit, united family. The family shared a four-bedroom house in an unnamed suburb of Los Angeles, of which Mike designed. Other members of the Brady family was Mike's housekeeper, Alice Nelson, who now served as the family's housekeeper; and Tiger, the boys' beloved pooch. On occasion, Alice's boyfriend, Sam Franklin, a local meat butcher, was seen. Stories revolved around family unity and sibling rivalry, dating, misunderstandings, family vacations (including those to Grand Canyon and Hawaii) and growing up. On occasion, remarks relevant to the "real world" were covertly thrown in, but never truly impacted the innocent, carefree charm of the series. The stories changed as the children grew into teen-agers (by the final season, the children ranged in age from 12 to 18); in 1974, Carol's young nephew, Oliver, became a guest at the Brady home.

Complete Directory of Network TV (1946-Present)

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Honeymoon/A Camping We Will Go (1969) H.R. Pufnstuf: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1973) Starring The Brady Bunch

In the pilot episode, "The Honeymoon", Carol (and her 3 daughters) marries Mike Brady (and his 3 sons). The battle of boys against girls begins in classic Brady Bunch style! In the second episode, "A Camping We Will Go", the Brady boys are not exactly happy when their dad invites Carol and the girls on their annual camping trip. The boys do everything in their power to ensure that the girls will never want to go camping again! Jack Wild, and the cast of the Sid & Marty Kroft shot "H.R. Pufnstuf" trot around on stage at the Hollywood bowl in front of a live audience. Avid Pufnstuf fans will see why the cherubic young Jack Wild's popularity fell after his voice changed - he was much better in 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' as an adult. As added guests, the Brady Bunch kids sing and dance through some 'musical numbers' - "Proud Mary" is not to be missed. Look very carefully at the audience, and you can spot Ann B. Davis, and who is that man in drag sitting with Robert Reed?! This video (released by Rhino) is a hoot!

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Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up/Her Sister's Shadow (1971)
   Getting Davy Jones/The Subject Was Noses (1971)
   Tattletale/Law & Disorder (1970)
Jan buys a black haired wig, & Jan is jealous of Marcia (again). Marcia gets Davy Jones for her school prom & Marcia gets hit by a football in the nose. Cindy turns into a Tattletale & Bobby becomes safety monitor. 

Alice's Brady Bunch Cookbook
   A Very Brady Christmas (1988)
   The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)
Emmy Award winning actress Ann B. Davis--who captured America's heart as "Alice" on "The Brady Bunch"--presents a cookbook and memory book for the show's millions of fans. "Alice" presents more than 280 Brady recipes, anecdotes from memorable episodes, plus dozens of photos provided by the cast. Most people reading this are probably already familiar with this 1988 TV movie (that spawned the short-lived "dramedy" "The Bradys.") 
The thing is, while this program was played ad nauseum on TV during the past ten holiday seasons, it was pretty much nowhere to be found during 1999, necessitating the purchase of a copy. 
In short, I know "A Very Brady Christmas" has become required viewing during MY Christmas season, and if you liked The Brady Bunch at all, it will likely become part of yours as well.  The big-screen version of the hugely popular, 1970s television sitcom takes an original angle: instead of simply recreating the old series, the film spoofs it by presenting the merged family as blithely unaware that fashions and customs have changed in the '90s. Shelley Long and Gary Cole are hilarious as the ultra-square yet libidinous Mr. and Mrs. Brady, Christopher Daniel Barnes is an ideal Greg, and Christine Taylor seems practically cloned from the original Marcia, The Brady Bunch Movie is a kick. 
Paperback Book
Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 
Includes The Brady Bunch theme song - and 64 other classic TV themes! 
Paperback Book
It's A Sunshine Day - 
The Best Of The Brady Bunch
   The Return Of Johnny Bravo
   The Brady Bunch Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Sure, they weren't as musically talented as the Jackson Five or the Osmonds, but these six TV siblings were just as popular in the early 1970s because of their weekly sitcom, "The Brady Bunch." This excellent 20-track CD contains most of the songs performed by the kids, and though none of their singles ever hit the pop charts, their songs have become popular via reruns, reunions, and two hit movies (the songs "Time to Change" and "It's a Sunshine Day," in particular, have become cult--or camp--classics, depending on your view of the show). I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this CD. I saw a story of it on The Daily Show and just had to purchase it. Since yesterday, it has been playing non-stop on my stereo. Even though my dog now walks around the house and yelps all day, this small discomfort is worth all the great and many treasures found within "The Return of Johnny Bravo." An eclectic mix of old and new material, Barry manages to provide a timely and poignant synthesis of the music of the past thirty years. What other CD combines songs by The Turtles, Queen, and Billy Vera? It's a godsend. Instead of buying all the originals, I can now have them all on one CD by the great Johnny Bravo. Thank you, Barry. Stop laughing! Not only did they make the movie--it was a hit! The same can't be said for the companion album, though, whose only chart hits are prior smashes by Venus ("Shocking Blue") and RuPaul ("Supermodel (You Better Work)"). For kitsch lovers, this set includes the original Brady cast's "It's a Sunshine Day" as well as cute Monkee Davy Jones serenading Marcia with "Girl." And, of course, there's the Brady Bunch theme, which you can hear at least three times a day on cable. 
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