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Marcia classmate Shawneque asked her, "Why Peter is your brother joined the Sunflower Girls instead of Greg joining the Pinetree Girls. I'm sure Greg is the one who wanted to joined your scouting organization to to protests you joining his all boys Frontier Scouts."

Marcia replied, "Greg didn't known that Girl Sunflower Girls can become Pinetree Girls as teenages. When Greg wanted to join the Sunflower Girls to show how foolish its was for me to join his Frontier Scouts, I rather have Peter become a Sunflower Girl that Greg became a Pinetree Girl. Although Greg said my pro women Lib comments were dumb while watching me being interviewed on tv news, I knew he would had wanted to joined the Sunflower Girls. But Peter frequently teases me for being a sissy.

Marica said, "I got over my fear of insects and spiders when I dated Harvey Klinger." When I was thirteen, I wanted to date Harvey. Harvey's hobby was emtomology. I letted him that we think had a common interest in insects to be with him. I readed book on insects and paid Bobby, Peter, and Cindy to collect insects in jars. He asked me to go steady with him.