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Ancestral Brady Boys wore Dresses

Marcia found a copy of the April 1915 issue of National Geographic in a used book store. This issue had a pictorial article of Irish costumes. Picture of boys up to the age of about 12 years old wearing dress were on pages 404 and 405. Irish boys in rural areas were commonly dressed like girls except for their hair cuts and their hats before the end of World War One. This was done to hide boys from evil faries who prefer to steal little boys than weaker less useful girls for force labor.

Marcia like to check out and to read books about fashion from the public library. She know that before before second decade of the twentieth century in was common for young boys to wear skirts and dresses. Boys up to the age of about 7 years wore skirts and dresses during the nineteenth century and sometime wealthy home educated boy wore dresses up to about 12 years old. Some boys up to the age of three were still wearing dresses is America during the earlies 1930's. Marcia learned from some books in the public library that some Irish boy immigrants up to the age 14 years old arrived to Amercia at Ellis Island wearing dresses up to the earlies 1910's. Marcia Knew that her brothers are descendant of Irish Bradys. She decided to teases her brothers about some their male ancestors were wearing skirts and dresses less than 50 years ago.

Marcia went up the attic to look for photo albums with photo early childhood photo of Brady boys before the 1920's. She hit the jackpot. She found a 1916 photo of greatuncle Brady at three and half years siting on a brech in a park wearing a white dress.

Marcia founded in a old family bible a faded 1851 photo of Piaras Brady at the age of nine years old with his father Míchéal Brady and his mother Rori Brady. Marica from reading books of baby names in the public library learn that Piaras is a Irish form of the name Peter and that Míchéal is a Irish form for the name Michael and that Rori is a Irish form of the feminine from of Robert.

The writing on the back of the photo mention that both Piaras and his mother skirts are red.

Marcia also found that her brothers like herself have Scottish ancestors. Greg was named after Gregor MacGregor an ancestor who was born two year after the officially ban on all forms of the name Gregor. All forms of the name Gregor was officially banned during most of the 17th and 18th centuries for alleged lawlessness from some clan Gregor members.

Sir Walter Scott wrote the novel "Rob Roy" which helped vindicated the Clan Gregor. Scott's own ancestors, The Scotts of Harden, were just as lawless and subject to the juris prudence of the day, as were the MacGregors, but they did not achieve the distinction of receiving a Proscription against their own name. Sir Walter Scott was friends of Sir John Murray MacGregor who was the first Clan Gregor Chief after the lifting proscriptions, and his son Sir Evan Murray MacGregor who founded of the Clan Gregor Society in 1822. The MacGregors appreciated Scott's public vindication of their clan with his great literature, romantic poetry and music set in the highlands." Fellow famous contemporary Scottish writer Robert Louis Stephenson proclaimed Scott's book, "Rob Roy" as one of Scott's best works.

Ancient MacGregor Tartan

Modren MacGregor Tartan

Marcia remembered sometime seeing John F. Kennedy Jr. wearing a coat which completely covered his shorts or romper that matchs the coat or dress his his mother Jacqueline is wearing during his preschool years. Marcia also remembered seeing John F. Kennedy Jr. wearing coat which which matchs the coat his sister Caroline is wearing. The buttons for fasting the front of John Jr. coat were sewn on the right side was the main difference between his difference between his mother coat or dress or his sister coat. If his coat matching either his mother or sister coat have two columns of buttons then his coat also have two columns of buttons. His coats often flared out from the waist down like some skirts.

When John Jr. , Caroline, and Jacqueline Kennedy with to Queen Elizabeth II dedication of of the British memorial to slain President John F. Kennedy on May 14, 1965, John Jr and Caroline were wearing matching light blue coats and Mary Jane shoes. Marcia remembered seeing a photo in a magazine of John F. Kennedy Jr. shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II at the dedication.

Marcia decided to get her revenge on her two younger brothers for teasing her for being sissy. Even her two sisters Jan and Cindy had been joining Peter and Bobby in the teasing. Bobby will the the first target of her revenge.

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