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Marcia sketches

Sunflower Girls USA

Marcia Brady's Fashions for Brothers Book 1

cheerlead Peter Brady ballerinat Peter Brady Peter Brady Higherlander Peter Brady in Kilt

Scouting uniforms:
  1. Old style Girl Guide uniform modified into Cub Scout uniform a with blue skirt instead knickers. Cub Scouts used to wear knickers until 1947. Peter's uniform includes navy-blue girl school knickers instead of his boy's underpants. Since Peter would be wearing black cotton stocking with garters and black Mary Jane shoes, his girl school knickers should not give him the old time feel of wearing a pair of Cub Scouts knickers.
  2. Brownie uniform with old style tunic in brown cotton. Peter's uniform includes short white bloomer under his tunic for the old time feel of wearing Cub Scouts knickers. Boys Peter age in Britain wear brown T straps sandals but American boys consider them girls sandals. The white ankle socks is only part of this uniform that an american would consider unisex.
Peter's cheerleader outfit:
My clumsy sister Jan would never make it as cheerleader. When Peter and Jan become Fillmore Junior High, he would be my only other sibling going to Fillmore Junior High who could tried out for my junior high cheerleader team before I become a high school student. I don't want him to be mascot but cheerleader wearing the same uniform like girls. I would like seeing wearing a yellow sleeveless mini-tunic with choker collar, flared skirt with blue inset pleats, and yellow slip-on gauntlets and white cowboy boots with gold trim and tassels. The blue basketball briefs may not be girly like the knickers in skirted cub scout uniform but cheerleading uniform is girly enough to get Peter's goat.

Peter's Ballet dress:
I would like to see Peter join my ballet class dressed like a ballerina instead of dressed like a danseur. I like to see him wearing pale lavender dress with short tutu, all-in-one with the frilly panties; worn with white tights and lavender ballet slippers with satin ribbons. A pink dress and ballet slippers would be too embarrassing for Peter.

Bobby sailor suit:
Bobby's little boy sailor suit consists of very short black velvet short trousers which fasten on both sides with white pearl buttons like some little boy's trousers before 1920's and a white silk blouse. The shorts are very fit tightly across the seat. The short-sleeved blouse has an elasticated waist, a Peter Pan collar and is trimmed with black ric-rac and a big floppy red bow at the throat. Training pants are worn, and long white socks with silver buckled black pumps