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Sunflower Girls USA

Peter Brady Sunflower Scout

Draft: work in process

I am Peter Brady who was the first boy to become a Sunflower Girl in 1971. The next year the organization changed its name to Sunflower Scouts. I am the author of "Sunflower Scout Manicure and Pedicure Manual for Boys".

Jan and I was sitting together on the living couch watching tv when Marcia our sister Marcia enter our home. It was a few minutes before the evening news. Marcia When it was time for the evening news, my sister Marcia tried to get my brothers, my other sisters, and to watch something else on tv in the living other than the evening news by switching channel with the tv remote control. Marcia said, "There more interesting programs the news on other channels." My brother Greg took the remote control from Marcia and change it back to the channel with the evening news. Our parents came into the living room from the kitchen to see what the

The entire family was in the living room, when Marcia was on the evening news with a man tv reporter and a woman tv reporter asking her views about women liberation. Male reporter asked Marcia, "Do you think girls are the equals of boys in every respect?" Marcia replied, "Well, if we're all supposed to be equal, I guess that means girls as well as boys." Male reporter, "I take it you're for the women's liberation." Marca said, "I guess I am." Male reporter asked Marcia, "Do have any brother?" Marcia replied, "Yes, three." Reporter asked, "Do you think you can do everything they can do?" Marcia answered, "Well I think I should have the chance to try." Reporter asked, Do they put you down sometime because you're a girl?" Marcia angrily replied, "They sure do and it's not fair." Male Reporter asked, "Do you think girls should do something about it?" Marcia replied loudly with passionate anger, "We certainly should." A girl friend of Marcia said, "Right on, Marcia."

My brother Greg said, "How do you like that? The first time my sister gets on TV and she sound like a kook." Greg said to Marcia, "I would like to see you can prove you can do anything that boys can do?" Marcia said, "You will see me prove it."

My mom and my other two sister agreed with Marcia comments about women lib. My dad and my two brother Greg and Peter disagreed with Marcia believes about women lib. Although I really partly agreed with Marcia, I pretented to be be in total agreement with my dad and brothers.

Dad said to mom, "Some of the things women libber's want are pretty far out don't you think?" Mom said, "Well I never went out marching but I do believe in some of their causes."

Marcia decided to join Greg's Frontier Scouts to prove that she can do any thing that boys can do. Dad and Greg had in the past boasted that becoming a Frontier Scout is harder than joining the Boy Scouts because a new Frontier Scout have to pass tough camping skills initiation.

Marcia went to the den to read dad copy of the Frontier Scouts handbook. The bylaws for who can join made mention of age but no direct or indirect statement that only boys can join the Frontier Scouts. No words was used which limit membership to only one gender. Child, you, candidate, and youth are the words used when referring to who can join the Frontier Scouts. But the rest of the handbook sometime used male only words boy, son, and he when referring to Frontier Scouts. Dad was one of the leader of Greg's Frontier Scouts troop, and he had over 20 copies of the membership forms. The forms like the handbook bylaws for joining used no gender specific words for new members.

Marcia told dad after he enter the den, "I want to join the Frontier Scouts." Marcia, "Dad unless there's a very good reason why I can't, I want to join Greg's Frontier Scouts."

Marcia when to the living room and she told Greg of her plans to join the Frontier Scouts. Greg quickly run to the Brady boys bedroom. Greg said to Bobby and me, "Marcia plans to join the Frontier Scouts to prove that she can do anything that boys can do. What if I joined the Sunflower Girls? That would show her!"

Greg left our bedroom to get Marcia's Sunflower Girls handbook and one of her old Sunflower Girls uniform from our sisters bedroom. When he return to our bedroom, he read aloud the bylaws of joining the Sunflower Girls in the handbook. The membership bylaws said both girls and boys can join the Sunflower Girls. All member boy members like all the girl members must wear the complete Sunflower Girl including the skirt to all scout meeting. Greg found that he was too old to join and Bobby was too young to join. Bobby eagerly said, "I would join the Sunflower Girls if I were old enough."

Both Greg and Bobby were staring at me. I said, "No way! am I wearing a skirt."

Bobby said, "I survived a day wearing a skirt. Wearing a skirt will not make you any less of a boy and will not turn you into girl. When I saw Cindy wearing my Indian Guide uniform in our backyard, I was so mad at her wearing it and would not taking it off when I asked her too take it off that I when to her bedroom and I put on her cowgirl costume with a skirt. I when back to the backyard and told her if you wants your own Indian costume join the Campfire Girls. I also told her that you being a girl will not prevent me from borrowing her clothes if you continue to borrow my clothes. She never completely stopped borrowing my clothes, but she borrow them much less frequently when I wear her clothes whenever her wear my clothes." Greg laughingly said, "Mom thought it was cute the Bobby and Cindy were playing Cowgirl and Indian."

Greg said, "If Bobby and I put on a skirt would you put on the Sunflower Girl uniform." I reluctantly said, "Yes." Greg handed Bobby one of Cindy's skirts. Both Greg and Bobby took off their pants. Greg put on one of Marcia's skirt and Bobby put on Cindy's skirt. I slowly took off my pants and shirt and then I slowly put on the Sunflower Girl's blouse, jacket, beret, and finally the skirt. I started sweating heavily and started trembling while I was putting on the skirt. I was very nervous wearing the skirt. Neither Greg or Bobby were sweating or shaking nervously. Greg said to me, "I Knew you would have much harder time than either Bobby or me to wear a skirt to Sunflower meetings. We are going a help you to get used to wear skirts without being too nervous to wear one to Sunflower Girls meetings".

Greg took out his basketball from the closet. Greg grasped my left wrist and Bobby grasped my right wrist, and they pulled me out of our bedroom. We when downstair to the kitchen door to the backyard. Greg said, "We are going to play basketball in skirts." We when out into the backyard and played basketball for about a hour. While my mind, I stopped being nervous and stopped trembling. After the game, my nervousness about wearing a skirt returned, and I started trembling again.

Greg said, "Before your first Sunflower Girls meeting next week, we will wear skirts when we are in our home or backyard."

When we enter the kitchen, Alice was cooking dinner dinner, and Mom and Dad enter the kitchen from the living room. Dad said, "Peter!, you volunteer to join Marcia's Sunflower Girls after Greg found that he was too old to join?" I said, "Yes." Dad said, "I expected Greg to retaliate Marcia's plans join the Frontier Scouts. You appears to be very embarrass wearing the Sunflower Girls uniform, but your brothers are more relaxed wearing skirts than you. I am sure either Greg or Bobby can wear a skirt in public knowing that there would be some teasing about it but can you?" I said, "I'm not sure. But I will try to do so." Dad said, "I recalled on trip to birth mom parents you forgot your belt. You needed a belt to keep your pants up. She gave you one of her belt for you to put on. You said,'No want am I wearing a girl belt.' Greg took off his belt and gave it to you to put on, and he wore her belt." Mom said, "Peter, the blouse and jacket is a bit large for you. I will make alteration after dinner."

I was amazed about the lack of comments by my bother and me wearing skirts at at the dinning room table while eating dinner. During dinner Marcia said, "I wished Greg was still young enough to join the Sunflower Girls. He being the male chauvinist brother may learn the errors of chavinistic believes as Sunflower Girl."

After dinner, I was standing in the living room and mom was measuring me with a tape measure for the uniform alterations. Jan gave me a skirt, a blouse, a panty, and a girls undershirt to change into after mom completed the measures. Jan suggested that I wear panty and girls undershirt under my boy outer clothing instead of boys brief and boys undershirt to spend more time getting used to wearing girls clothing when away from home which include school on days I don't have gym. I removed the uniform and my underwear and put on panty, girls undershirt, Jan's skirt and blouse in the den.

Jan enter the den with a bottle of clear nail polish. Jan said, "If only Greg and Bobby were wearing skirts, Marcia, Cindy, and I would had teased them without any mercy. But we were worried that you would not endured the teasing like Greg and Bobby and that you would chicken out from joining the Sunflower Girls." I felt like a coward. If either of my brothers were within the age limits to join the Sunflower Girls, that brother would have the courage to wear a skirt to Sunflower Girls meeting.

Jan said, "Marcia had laid her old Sunflower Girls uniform and handbook on her bed knowing that Greg would be looking for them. She was sure that Greg would retaliate her plans to join the Frontier Scouts by joining the Sunflower Girls. She knew that Greg was to old to join and that Bobby was to young to join and that you were within the age limits to join. I knowing your larger than normal fear to wear girls clothing, I told Marcia to laid one of her skirt on the bed for Greg to wear and I told Cindy to laid one of her skirt on the bed for Bobby to wear. When Greg had into the my bedroom for the uniform and handbook, I told him the only way you might get Peter to put on a skirt is that you and Bobby to put on skirts first. I told Greg if Peter wait until day first day of his first Sunflower Girls meeting to try wearing the uniform skirt, Peter would mostly likely chicken out from becoming a Sunflower Girl by never putting the skirt on."

Jan put three coats of clear nail polish on my fingernails and toenails. While the first coat of polish was drying, Jan said, "It is not unusual to occasionally see some boys in skirt or dress and those boys do not get a reputation of being sissies. Some boys dress up as females during Halloween. Two boys in your school class this year dress up as female characters during last Halloween. Edward's Halloween costume was a Gypsy woman fortune teller with her crystal ball. Thomas's Halloween costume was Alice from Alice in Wonderland holding a stuff Cheshire Cat. Do you believes that Edward and Thomas are sissy for wearing dresses on Halloween?" I replied, "No." Jan said, "One Boys Scout troop at last year Boys Scout Expo performed a square dance every 20 minutes. Eight boys in the role of the girl dancers wore dresses. When the theater classes at the private boy school Robinson Academy performs plays, the roles of all the male characters and of all the female characters are performed by the male students."

While getting dressed for school the next morning, I put on panty and girls undershirt.

When Marcia when to the next Frontier Scouts meeting to become a member, Dad and another scout leader read everything in the handbook about becoming a member and the membership form. They could not find any rules that a new member must be a boy.

Marcia's Frontier Scouts initiation was to hike wearing a heavy backpack a difficult trail in the woods marked by the scouts leaders. Marcia had exellent aerobic endurance from her ballet and gymnastics training. A very tired Marcia passed the initiation that some boys had failed previously.

Sunflower Girls USA: Homepage

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