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Peter's Red Fingernails

Sunflower Girl Peter Brady with red finger nails and earrings

Peter and Jan was walking home from Clinton Elememtary on last day of school before spring break of 1971. Jan said, "Peter you will have an easier time selling Sunflower Girls Cookies if you dressup as believable looking girl than an obvious boy in skirt. Some of the people you trying to sell cookies too would not laugh at you if they think are a girl. It must be very embarrassing for you to sell Sunflower Girls Cookies. You have had surprising large orders of cookies from the result of sympathies for a boy being a member of the Sunflower Girls and wearing the uniform skirt." Peter asked,"You must be kidding. I have had enough embarrasdment wearing skirt selling cookies. You wants everyone to mistake me for a girl."

Jan said,"It's will be must more bearable for you to be out in public wearing a skirt if really look like a girl. You hair is just bearly long enough for a short girl hair style. I know that Marcia had convinced mom and dad to have both of your of ears pierced after your last prank on Marcia caused to thown up on the living room carpet. Greg and I had warned you not to do that practical joke on Marcia. Most boys who wears pierced earrings only wear earrings in their left ear. People who don't know you would be more likely to see you as a girl if you wear pierced earring in both ears. It's very rare for a boy over six year old to be seen wearing color nail polish. Semitransparent white nail polish is the about the only color nail polish boy over six year old and some men would wear. I wouldn't count clear natural pink nail as color nail since it usually no more noticeable than clear nail polish which is acceptable for male to wear. It will be very unlikely for you to be seen as a boy if wear red nail polish on your fingernails. I would be surprise that nobody at school may any comment to you about wearing clear nail polish." Peter said,"No one at school said anything about me wearing clear nail polish, not even the members on my school football team".

Jan said,"You were wearing a nigthshirt to breakfast the next day after Marcia said that she was going to joined Greg's Frontier Scouts troop. Were you sometime wearing a nightshirt to bed before before Marcia's tv interview?" Peter said,"Yes, I been wearing nightshirts before Marcia tv interview. Dad thought having my ears pierced was not sufficient punishment of teasing Marcia. Marcia had convinced mom and dad that since I was teasing her because I consider her a sissy that my punishment should involved something society consider mainly feminine. Marcia had persuaded mom and dad that pierced ears would be a livable permanent reminder not to pranks to gross her out. Dad considered pierced ears was not harsh an enough punishment since boys are starting to wear earrings and I might want to wear earring by time I become a high school student. Dad for additional punishment had Marcia to selected nightshirts to replace all of my pajamas. I was fortunate that she selected girl nightshirts which look like man nigthshirts. If boy nightshirts were still sold in stores, my nightshirts would similar to some of them." Jan asked,"Do wear panties when you wear the nigthshirt?" Peter replied, "Yes. Dad insisted that I wear everything a girl would wear when she wear a nightshirt."

Jan said,"I noticed that you were cringing while watching Marcia's tv interview on women right especially when Marcia angrily talked about her bothers sometime put her down because she is a girl. You were cringing again after Greg called Marcia a kook and challenged she that she can do anything that boys can do." Peter said,"I was cringing because dad threaten that I be wearing girly nightgowns and eating breakfast with the family in a nightgown if any future pranks of my cause Marcia vomit."

Jan asked, "Are you mad at Marcia for having your ears pierced and for wearing a skirt as a Sunflower Girl". Peter said,"No. Marcia overheard Dad and Mom talking about what my punishment should be. Dad wanted ground me after school for the rest spring term and also no camping trips for the year. Marcia knowning that camping is my favorite recreation she asked me if I am willing to go under given petticoat discipline to avoid a year long ban on camping trips and to avoid being grounded. We discussed what feminine apparels will would be willing to wear as alternative. I had said anything other than a skirt or dress. Marcia suggested getting my ears pierced may satisfied Dad as a harsh enough punishment if he is willing to used petticoat discipline. She said I hair behind my ears is long enough to cover my ears and earrings and earrings are kind of unisex since some boys and men currently wear earrings. I didn't want to get my ears pierced but I rather go camping with pierced ears than no camping for a year. I let Marcia convinced Dad that since my practical jokes on her were mostly treasing her for being a sissy girly girl then petticoat discipline is proper for my prank that caused her to vomit. I was able to go on a camping trip the following weekend with Jerry Hirsch and his father."

Peter said, "Any anger I have about wearing a skirt is direct at Greg. He wanted to joined Marcia's Sunflower Girl troop to show how ridiculous for Marcia to join his Frontier Scouts troop. Greg and Bobby pressured me to be the Brady boy to join Marcia's Sunflower Girls since Greg was too old to join and Bobby was to joung too join. I was surprised that Bobby seem very eager to join when Greg told us he was too old too join. When Greg told Bobby that was too young too join, they gave me a look begging me to volunteer to the Sunflower Girls. I told them No way I'm wearing skirt. Greg told me Marcia would mostly likely quit her plans of joining the Frontier Scouts if one of her brothers joined her Sunflower Girls and looked foolish in their uniform. Although I didn't believed that the embarrassing condiction of one of her brothers wearing a skirt to her Sunflower Scouts meeting would prevented her from trying to join the Frontier Scout, I foolishly promised Greg and Bobby that I would be a Sunflower Girl until Marcia either failed the Frontier Scout's initiation or she quit." Jan said,"Dad say a Brady will alway try to keep their promises. The only reasons for a Brady to break a promise are preventing serious harm to a human life or not committing a felony to keep the promise."

Jan said,"It's amazing that dad would be the one to agree to give you petticoat discipline. When your new sisters wanted to shared the boy clubhouse during the late summer of 1969, I heard mom and dad arguing about want boys and girls don't do with each. Mom had said maybe boys should played with doll. Dad had said If any of my boys wanted to play in anybody's doll house, I'd take them to a psychiatrist". Peter replied,"Dad sometime bocome very frugal with money and takes extreme measures to reduce spending. Remember when Dad had gotten a pay phone for us kids after seeing the phone bill because he thought the phone bill was high. The cost of cleaning Marcia's vomit from the living room carpet was four the cost of that month phone bill. Marcia's convinced dad that petticoat discipline in the long run would be cheaper and more effective than the original punishment he had planned for me. The carpet cleaning bill was not the first cleaning bill caused by one of pranks on Marcia."

As Peter and Jan enter their home, Jan said,"Let me give you manicure with red nail polish. Marcia told me that the strongest gender roles assignment to clothing in Western society is that skirts and dress are female and the female apparel which men in the Western world have the strongest emotional aversion against wearing are skirts and dress. Any aversions men may have against wearing female apparel other than skirts and dress are weak in comparision. You had been already been wearing skirts and dresses. Wearing makeup should be much less repugnant to you than wearing a skirt or dress."

While Peter and Jan enter their backyard, Peter said,"Jan. You can paint my nails red." Jan asked Peter to wash his hand in the kitchen while she filled a plastic tub with warm soapy water in the laundry room. She carry the tub into the Brady kids' clubhouse. After Peter finished drying his hands, Jan called Peter to come into the clubhouse. The sat on chairs by the table. Jan asked Peter to take off his shoes and soaks and to soak his feet while she give him his manicure. Peter asked,"Are you planning to give me a pedicure too"? Jan replied, "Yes, Open toe sandals and red toe nail will help create a convincing girlish appearance". Jan removed Peter clear nail polish with nail polish remover. After Jan had completed filing his finger nails, pushed back his finger nails' cuticles and brushing on each finger brushing a base coat, three coats of red nail polish and a super tough top coat, Peter dried his feet with a towel. Jan filed his toe nails pushed back his toes' cuticles and gave his toe nails the same paint job as his finger nails. After the polish on his toes and nail dried, Jan said,"Your feet are about the same size as Robin Wilson. I borrow a pair of her sandal for you to wear when you sell Sunflower Girls cookies during the spring break." Peter put the sandals on his feet.

Jan asked Peter,"It must feel strange being called a girl. Had Marcia been treasing you about being called a Sunflower Girl or the other girls in your troop ridiculing?" Peter said,"No. When I was walking with Marcia to my first Sunflower Girls troop meeting she tried to cheer me up about being a Sunflower Girl by telling me that back in the 13th century a girl was young person of either sex. A young male was distinguish from a young female by calling the male a knave girl and by calling the female a gay girl. I'm not the laughingstock of my troop. The only laugher from the girls in my troop was a few giggle during the start of the first troop meeting."