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A Petticoat Lover's Alphabet
by Rachel

A is my Apron trimmed with white lace
when I was a housemaid and kept in my place.

B is my beautiful Blouse and my Bra
which lifts up my Boobies, how lovely they are!

C is Camiknickers. I have to undo
the gusset before I can sit on the loo.

D is the Dress I first wore after dark
when I dared to go out for a walk in the park.

E was my Earclips  -  my Eye-shadow too:
the one that I chose was a soft shade of blue.

F is the Feminine Frocks that I fancy:
all Flouncy and Frilly, befitting a nancy.

G is my Gymslip and Gym-knickers too.
For Girlies like me they're of course navy-blue.

H is the Headscarf that covers my Hair,
just like a Kensington lady would wear.  

I is the Image I see when I stare
into the mirror:  a woman is there!

J is my Jumper. A wool one that fits
tightly, to show off the curves of my tits.

K is my Knickers. One style I adore
is directoire, the kind that my auntie once wore.

L is my luxury silk Lingerie;
the natural choice for a Lady like me.

M is Mascara. I don't use too much
to lengthen my lashes  -  only a touch.

N's for my Nightie. The feeling's so good
I'd sleep in one always if only I could.

O is my Overcoat:  soft camel-hair
is just what a princess like me ought to wear.

P is my Petticoats, pretty, I think,
with Panties to match in a soft shade of pink.

Q is for Queen. I'm one, I confess,
with something unusual under my dress.

R is for Rachel, the name that I chose
for myself when I knew I must be "one of those".

S is for Stockings, Suspenders and Skirts.
The longing to wear them in public just hurts.

T is for tights: though suspenders are best
when a girl wants to feel she is sexily dressed.

U 's for the Undies I'm happiest in:
flimsy, and frilly, and so feminine.

V is the Virginal white wedding dress
I wish I could wear as a bride, I confess.

W's the Woman I wish I could be:
and a Wife for a husband who'd look after me.

X is for Xtasy. Y is for Yes!
And Z is the Zip when I undo my dress. 

I've put on my nightie, but now it all seems
I am seduced by these fanciful dreams ...
All I can do is to dress and pretend,
and dream the impossible. That is the end.

Thank you Rachel for that excellent piece of verse, which expresses so well the yearnings of many of my readers here.

With an alphabet, 'X' is always the biggest challenge. When I was a girl I thought that the word 'xylophone' had been specifically invented so that dictionary compilers would at least have something to put under the letter X. Rachel has cheated a little, but really one has no choice.

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