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Zack Hill as a Holloween Goth

Winona was angry at Zack Hill for making fun of her new Goth outfit and being sent to the principal office with Zack after losing her temper at Zack, who was asking her for the answers to test questions.

Winona phoned Zack Hill home. Mrs Hill picked up the phone and said,"Hello". Winona said,"Hi Mrs. Hill. I'am Winona. Your son Zack had asked today at school if he can borrow my new Goth outfit for his holloween costume. If he come to my house this Friday a hour before school he can wear the Goth outfit to school for his holloween costume."

Mrs. Hill hear Zack entering their home. Mrs Hill said,"Winona called. You can borrow her Goth outfit for a Hollween costume". Zack said, "The only reason I asked to borrow her outfit to make her feel better. Winona is currently a weirdo. She like wearing Goth cloths that look the type of cloths that Count Dracula would wear. Winona was upset that I had mistaken her new Goth outfit for a Holloween costume. Most of the kids at school today had mistaken her new Goth outfit for a Holloween costume. Tanja told her great out unforturnely I don't have any candy to offer you. She seem to be most upset at me for mistaken her outfit for a holloween costume. She called me a normalist." Mrs. Hill asked Zack said,"The outfits is black pants, boots, and coat with a collar with the edge above eye level like the collar on Dracula's cape". Mrs. Hill said,"You can have an extra scoop of ice cream tonight for borrowing Winona's Goth outfit to make her feel better". Zack knew just then that his mother expected him wear the Goth outfit as his Holloween costume .

Winona had decided that Zack's Goth outfit for Holloween would more be like want a girl would wear during the Gothie period than her new outfit. When Zack arrived at her Friday morning, she led him her bedroom. She told him take off his shirt, shoes, socks and pants. She put a blind fold over his eyes. She gave Zack black knee high stocking to put on. Zack thought he was putting on knee sock. She gave him a pair of just below the knee bloomers underwear to put on to make him feel like he was wearing a pair of pants. She had Zack step into a black ankle length skirt. She placed black Mary Jane shoes on his feet. She gave Zack a girls black pullover blouse to put on.

Winona told Zack,"At first I thought your spiked hair style was only long enough for Dutch Boy hairdo like Buster Brown which is only just long enough to cover your ears. But I am very pleased to had been able to style your hair in a shoulder lenght page boy. Your page hairdo unlike Robert is a very feminine page boy."